Wedding Music Video
"Viva La Vida Nueva"
Music video for Jason and Danielle's wedding, shown at their reception. The main music was entirely reproduced in the OMQ studio, using electric violins (for cello/bass tracks) and classical violins and vocals. Video shoots were conducted inside the OMQ studio as well as various locations in New Brunswick, Hamilton, and Florham Park, New Jersey.

Birthday Music Video
"I Gotta Baby"
Music Video for Alicia's First Birthday, shown at her "ddol" - a traditional Korean 1st birthday party. The music was entirely reproduced in the OMQ studio, using both classical and electric violins, and hard-tuned vocals. Impromptu video shoots were conducted mainly in Somerset, New Brunswick, and Piscataway, NJ throughout the year. And Maryland.

Promotional Short
"The Sermonator: Salvation Day"
Announcing the return of a beloved pastor from sabbatical. This was shown to the congregation during service, the Sunday before his scheduled return. All spoken and sung lines were pre-recorded in the OMQ studio. video shoots were conducted in studio and in North Brunswick, New Jersey on church premises and by the ubiquitous Walmart.

Event Promo
"What Is The Event?"
A short musical snippet, excerpted from the full-length wedding music video, re-cut to promote Jason and Danielle's upcoming wedding. The scenes were shot at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey during a late day sunset shoot.


Wedding Music Video
"Viva La Vida Nueva"


Birthday Music Video
"I Gotta Baby"


Promotional Short
"The Sermonator: Salvation Day"


Event Promo
"What Is The Event?"


Legal Brief
"The REMBA Report"


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Organic Media Quadraphonic, or OMQ for short, specializes in producing high-quality, high-density videos for its clients, anywhere from 30 seconds (commercials), to 6 minutes (full-length music video).
Every video is tailored to the dynamics of its client, with specific life experiences, dreams, and personalities and even unique idiosyncrasies of the client taken into account and weaved into the video narrative. (Business clients - read: "with specific business accomplishments, objectives, and compelling competitive advantages weaved into the video narrative.")
Both music and video can be produced, either by themselves or in synergy with each other.
The selected music can be reproduced classically through string instruments and/or synthesized using audio engineering, and then mixed down into a special version, as a reproduction of the original. Lyrics can be changed and "spoofed" if desired as well. Or the selected music can be used as-is in the video. In any case, OMQ began first as an audio reproduction outfit, under the moniker, One Man Qua.rtet, before it transformed into a full video production studio.
Video is produced through a multi-step process - ideas are storyboarded, shot list is developed and constantly revised, and then taped, sequenced, edited, and rendered in sync with the music.
According to Merriam-Webster, quadraphonic means "of, relating to, or using four channels for the transmission, recording, or reproduction of sound"
Here at Organic Media Quadraphonic, we believe that videos are both seen and heard best when all 4 channels are engaged:
- sound (ear) - through music, lyrics, and spoken word
- visual (eye) - through a thoroughly planned and arranged sequence of scenes and images
- thought (mind) - through a message or story that the video skillfully conveys by its visual scenes and cues
- emotion (heart) - through feelings shared by the power of music, video, and story converging as one
OMQ is located in New Jersey. Clientele ranges from New York through Maryland.

  • Personalized Music Videos for your or your loved one's upcoming Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Special Event

  • Music Videos for Musicians and Artists

  • Promotional Videos for Businesses and Schools

  • Educational Videos for Schools and Businesses

  • TV Commercials

  • Documentaries

  • Web Shorts

  • Classical Reproduction of Music of Any Genre

Email OMQ with your music and video needs, and for pricing.
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